Nacogdoches eye doctor explains binge watching health risk

Nacogdoches eye doctor explains binge watching health risk
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Have you ever spent an entire day watching House of Cards or Orange is the new black? Well it's a trend that more than 70 percent of us identify with, binge watching, according to a Netflix survey.

"Yes, of course I binge watch," Demetrion Amie, a binge watcher said.

"I do about eight hours," Marcus Brown, a binge watcher said.

"I binge watch for like ten to twelve hours, just sitting there," Brashani Lewis, a binge watcher said.

It's something we've all fallen victim to, being glued to the computer or TV for hours.

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have become the go to for 'must see TV'.

"I don't stop until I have to do something pertaining to life," Ben Bolton, a binge watcher said.

"If I don't have a lot of homework then every day, but if I have homework it's every other day," Thayricela Rochez said.

"I binge watch every time I have free time," Amie said.

With our favorite shows at a click how can we resist?

"Friday Night Lights and the hundred," Zach Kanipes, a binge watcher said.

"I watch Orange is the New Black," Bolton, a binge watcher said.

"I just started watching Greys Anatomy, and Orange is the New Black," Marcus Brown, a binge watcher said.

Binge-watching has become the perfect excuse to pass the time.

"If I'm not in football and class then I'm watching Netflix," Kanipes said.

"Whenever I do binge watch I just go through all my shows over and over," Bolton said.

However there are some health risk, as you can imagine being a couch potato has its consequences, like the effect on your eyes.

"Computer screens emit light rays that are out of the visual spectrum that can be very harmful, from a comfort and health stand point," Dr. Melanie Vardeman, Optometrist at Texas State optical said.

Many binge watchers suffer from dry eyes, headaches and blurred vision. Vardeman said watching a computer screen for hours may satisfy you now but can be harmful in the future.

"It can cause problems like early cataracts as well as macular degeneration," Vardeman said.

If you're into binge-watching then optometrist have an alternative for you, they're called blue blockers, you put them on and they protect you from the harmful blue light rays.

"We would like to see everybody wearing them, everyone from adults and really especially children," Vardeman said.

Binge-watching can also lead to binge eating, so expert's advice adding a workout to your daily routine.

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