Jury finds Polk Co. man guilty of murder in woman's beating death

Jury finds Polk Co. man guilty of murder in woman's beating death
Andrea Piwko (Source: GoFundMe.com
Andrea Piwko (Source: GoFundMe.com

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - A jury has found a Polk County man guilty of murder in connection to the brutal beating death of his log cabin roommate to death in July of 2015.

When court resumes Thursday, the jury will decide on whether to sentence Christopher Williams to five to 99 years or life in prison.

During the second day of testimony on Wednesday, a jailer testified that he recorded a phone conversation in which Williams said, "All I did was beat the s--- out of her. She deserved it."

Williams, 39, is charged with first-degree murder.

The killing happened at the Lakewood Cabins, located off FM 3277 in the Scenic Loop area of Polk County. Authorities say Williams killed his roommate, Andrea Piwko, 25, then called 911 and left the scene before first responders arrived.

A witness, Dan Richard, takes the stand who was with Williams the night before authorities found her dead.

He said he saw Piwko in the bed in the cabin, and Williams had told him he "f----- up."

Richard said he didn't do anything about the situation because he was drunk.

Natasha Fraley took the stand next. She was in the area the night of the incident. She said she saw Williams pull up in the dually.

"The truck hadn't even stopped, and he jumped out," Fraley said. "He was walking pretty fast."

Fraley said she could tell that Piwko did not want to go with Williams when he told her to go with him.

"He asked my husband if he wanted some of him," Fraley said. "It was intimidating."

Fraley said he screamed out, "I'm AB mother f-----."

Lola Norton took the stand next. She grew up with Williams. She recalls the night he and Piwko met at Tumbleweeds, a pool hall.

She said she took Williams to Ben Bain's house to pick Piwko up the day before she died.

She said she and her husband were in the truck talking and not paying attention to what went on when Williams got out of the truck.

"I heard her say, 'How was your day, babe?" Norton said.

Norton said when she dropped them off at their cabin, she told him to talk sweet to her.

She said she saw Williams the next morning. He told her he needed help with Andrea.

"I told him I didn't have time to deal with that. Call 911, and get her some help," Norton said.

She noticed a laceration across his nose. Norton said she left.

She figured Piwko was having a mental episode because she knew she was bipolar.

Keegan then questioned Norton.

He asked her what kind of mood Williams was in the day she took him to pick up Piwko. She said he seemed agitated at the least.

Norton said if she had known what was going on she would not have taken Williams to pick her up nor left her at the home with him.

Lisa Henderson, Piwko's mother, took the stand next. She said when she went to visit Piwko, her appearance was like one that she'd never seen. She said her daughter didn't look like herself.

She took her to the hospital immediately to make sure she was okay physically and emotionally.

She said she thought Williams was okay at first and was giving him a chance. As time went by, based on changes in Piwko's appearance and demeanor, her thoughts changed.

Then Brent Phillips, the jail administrator at the Polk County Jail, took the stand. He said listened to phone calls made by Williams while he was in jail by the prosecutor's request.

Allen played the audio.

In the recording, Williams speaks with a man on the phone. He tells the man he did hit her, but she fell on a drawer.

"I was f------ pissed. You know, got home, she wasn't there. Went off with that dude. I've been off at work all day. I was f------ pissed," Williams said.

In another recording, Williams said, "All I did was beat the s--- out of her. She deserved it. In my eyes, she deserved it."

Keegan spoke with the jury about the fact that Williams elected not to testify. He reminded them that they could not hold that against him. He said his argument was not whether Williams caused Piwko's death, but whether or not her death was intentional.

Keegan said if Williams had intended to kill her, why would he have called 911? He pointed out that Williams was seeking help.

"There is evidence that Christopher tried to render aid for Andrea," Keegan said.

The defense attorney asked what would the point of the bloody towels be if Williams was not trying to help Piwko.

Allen made a passionate statement pointing out the violent acts that ended Piwko's life.

"She hit a desk. One! Two! Three! Ninety times," she said.

Allen said he wanted her dead at that moment. She  reminded the jury of Williams' phone conversation saying that Piwko deserved this.

Allen said Williams did not want help for Piwko but wanted it for himself. She pointed out how Williams claimed Piwko was drunk though the toxicology report proved she was completely sober.

"She felt every push, pull, hit," Allen said. "Justice for Andrea is a guilty charge of murder."

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