Tree crashes through Cherokee County plant farm

Tree crashes through Cherokee County plant farm
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - A scary scene for employees of one Cherokee County business early Wednesday morning as they woke up to calls of a tree inside their building.

"I can't thank the good Lord enough," said JC Dover, owner of Dover's Plant Farm.

Nothing but thanks and gratitude now as JC Dover walks through his business of 42 years, parts of it left in complete destruction.

"This leads through into the main building and like I said, it was completely destroyed. It's crushed," Dover said.

All a result of early morning storms that wrecked havoc on much of East Texas Wednesday. Heavy winds and rain splitting one tree down the middle, sending it crashing through the main building of Dover's plant farm.

"He called and said 'Dad, you better come back home. I was in the country going to pick up a load of stuff, so I turned around and came back," Dover said.

Nearly each of his five greenhouses pelted with tree branches…

"It's kind of…kind of sickening," Dover said.

…leaving many of the growing plants inside now nothing more than crumpled shrubs.

"You know, a lot of times when we have a storm we'll leave the greenhouse and go in the building. That wouldn't have been good this time because that tree came on top of the building," Dover said.

Wednesday being a calmer version of a similar scene here some 20 years ago.

"We had a little tornado dip down and took it all and put it back here in the woods, but we bounced back," Dover said.

Dover sure to point out one part of the business which made it through, a sign which reads "Prayer, America's only hope". He says he'll be doing lots of that as the cleanup continues.

"You know we can't control the weather. Like I said, I'm thankful nobody was hurt," Dover said.

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