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What Is The Restaurant Report?

Restaurant Report is part of KLTV 7's continuing commitment to the community, and to your safety. We work closely with health departments in Smith and Cherokee Counties, and the cities of Longview and Henderson, to bring you information you and your family need to know when you dine out.

Essentially, you help bring the inspection reports to life, as those inspectors who visit restaurants are paid, in part, through local taxes. The reports they supply to us are not closely held secrets, but public record.

Through the Texas Open Records Act, we (and any citizen) can obtain copies of these reports. We feel inspection reports are an accurate and fair assessment of cleanliness and practices at eating establishments, and believe you have the right to know!

Restaurant Report airs on Thursday nights at 10:00 pm, though work on the report begins early in the week. Bob Hallmark or I will visit the health department and sort through the inspection reports. It is the demerit or letter "score" that typically determines whether a restaurant is included on the Restaurant Report, though there are cases when a particularily disturbing violation at a restaurant will be reported as well.

All demerit scores are computed by the health inspectors themselves, and those inspectors typically follow-up on a poor score. This "recheck" is also reported to you, if it has been completed and filed by the time of the report. It's actually a very simple process that ensures that all restaurants are treated fairly in the process of compiling the reports.

While we report on those restaurants with the most violations, we also love to tell the "good news." Those restaurants with no demerits on their most recent routine inspection are profiled, and if a restaurant consistently maintains a perfect score, they are given one of the highest honors: the KLTV Blue Ribbon Award.

For many years now, you, the viewer, have contacted us to say how important the Restaurant Report is to you and your family. We never forget or take for granted the trust you've placed in us, and we'll continue to work to earn that trust every Thursday night at 10.

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