Mr. Fluffy adopted by family with two children

Mr. Fluffy adopted by family with two children
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Mr. Fluffy, the pup who just overcame highly contagious skin disease has been adopted. We've been told Mr. Fluffy went home to a family with two small children with lots of land for him to run around.

Mister Fluffy IS a 4-month-old terrier mix.

He's is the loving dog that will truly steal your heart away, although he has a soft exterior he's stronger than you'd imagine.

"Fluffy came in as an owner surrender, they found him, kept him for a little while, but noticed he had some skin problems," Jessy Wheeler, an animal control officer in Nacogdoches said.

Mr. Fluffy recently underwent treatment for a contagious skin disease.

"We teamed up with the human society of Nacogdoches and got him to a vet, where they treated him for sarcoptic mange," Wheeler said.

The disease caused him to lose his hair, but now it's growing back.

"Mr. Fluffy didn't have any hair when he came in so we jokingly and optimistically named him Mr. Fluffy," Wheeler said.

One thing that never fell off is his playful and spirited personality.

"He has a wonderful personality," Wheeler said. "He would make a really great family pet and he would love to play with kids."

Mr. fluffy is a social dog, so if you have a family he is the perfect dog to bring home.

"He loves to talk to you, anytime we walk by the cage he's howling or barking," Wheeler said.

"He's always playful and fun."

A little more than a month after treatment and this pup is back to his regular self.

"He'll probably be about 25, or maybe 30 pounds at the largest, but his personality sure makes up for the pounds he doesn't get," Wheeler said.

Although he won't get much bigger in size, his heart has a lot of room for love.

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