Huntington man injured after driving into hole in road

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - A Huntington man is recovering from minor injuries after driving into a hole caused by recent downpours.

People who live on Marshall Ivy Road in Huntington by the creek are used to flooding.

"We're in the lower part of the county, so I'm used to flooding. We live in the creek bottom," said Alyssa Golden, a resident of the area. "Last night, we had a wash out in the bridge, and it collapsed."

It left a gaping hole in the road residents often speed down. Warnings point drivers in the other direction now, but the signs weren't there Friday morning.

"My husband was on his way to work about 4:30 this morning," said Cynthia Collins, wife of the man who drove in the creek.

Dennis said he didn't notice a drop in the road until he got on the bridge. By that time, it was too late to stop.

"Next thing he knew, he was leaving the bridge and headed downward," Collins said.

Dennis drove head first into the creek he drives over daily.

"A girl and I were talking at work, and she had just asked me if we ever had any problems with the roads down here from the creeks. I was like 'Oh no we don't ever have any problems," Collins laughed.

Pieces of it are still crumbling bit by bit. Dennis went to Woodland Heights for deep tissue bruising, but not without ensuring the safety of others first.

"Why did you have to call DPS? He said because they need to block he road. I don't need anyone else to fall in the hole like I did," Collins said.

"I can't imagine driving off in this. I know I'd be scared and wondering what happened," Golden said.

The unfortunate fall could have been worse.

"We were very blessed that he was in his dad's truck. It's bad for his Dad's truck but better for Dennis," Collins said.

The Road and Bridge foreman for precinct three said he believes the bridge needs to be replaced and not repaired.  It might be closed down for months.

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