Woman Dies In Crash, Two Others Rushed To Hospital

An East Texas woman is dead after her car was hit by a tractor trailer.

Highway troopers say 40 year-old Carrie Cochran was headed east on Highway 103 when she made a u-turn in front of the 18-wheeler.  The truck driver crashed into her car and dragged it off the highway.

Cochran died at the scene.  Her brother, 43 year-old Charles Hearn, Jr., was a passenger in that car and was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries.

Neighbors heard the commotion and immediately called 911.

Witness Louise Jones said, "It was very loud and my granddaughter looked out; she said 'oh, granny, it's a wreck right up the road'.  We come running out to look."

Henry Boykin of Lufkin was in the 18-wheeler.  He also went to a hospital with injuries.