Millions Affected By Sleeping Disorders And Don't Even Know About It

by Jessica Cervantez

Many medical disorders have one common symptom, excessive daytime sleepiness. That is what alerted Randy Rice he might have a problem

Rice, who suffers from a sleeping disorder, said, "I was working nights and I was going to days and I noticed I had no energy from day to day."

Not only does Rice suffer from a sleeping disorder, he is also the chief sleep lab technician at the Woodland Heights Sleep Disorder Laboratory. He just went through a test and found out a month ago he suffers from sleep apnea. Rice was hooked up to a machine that recorded is sleeping habits. He is also the person in charge of reading the information.

Randy noticed major changes in his sleeping habits where he would even stop breathing several times a night.

Rice said, "Most people with sleep apnea stop breathing a couple of times, but seventy times a night, that is scary."

Randy is not alone, many of you may not know you have a sleeping disorder including snoring, apnea, or insomnia. But there are several ways to be helped at the sleep lab.

Thanks to the treatment he is getting, Randy says he feels better than ever.

The Sleep Disorders Laboratory at Woodland Heights is located at 10 Medical Center Blvd., Suite G in Lufkin, TX. You can call (936)-637-8765 for more information.