Sheriff's Department Undergoes TASER Training

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department is getting TASER training. Jailers there want to use TASERs to help them control unruly inmates. The Nacogdoches Police Department has used TASERs for a couple of years. It is providing the training.

"TASER, TASER, TASER," is shouted by training jailers. The warning comes each time before a TASER shot. An alert to stand clear of up to 50,000 volts of electricity.

Deputy Steven Stroud has had several violent episodes with inmates when he would have liked to have had a TASER. "I see TASERs are going to help out everything in the jail, all our problems, reduce injuries. I believe it's going to be a positive," said Stroud.

The safety of TASERs is debated nationwide, but local authorities are confident with their decision to continue their use.

Training officer Brett Maisel said, "It remains to be one of the most safe and efficient forms of less or non lethal techniques available to law enforcement today."

But only when the user is properly trained. Maisel strongly suggests that the information be shared with all the staff for everyone's safety. "If the TASER is deployed all the other officers or jail staff who are in the immediate vicinity need to know what's going to happen and how to handle it," advised Maisel.

Jailers are hopeful that just the knowledge that the TASER is in the jail will be deterrent enough to bad behavior.

The company that makes most of the TASERs used by law enforcement departments is developing a version to be marketed to civilians. TASERs are not considered firearms and are legal in most states.