Parents Influence Children

Parents who use illegal drugs, abuse alcohol and use tobacco put their kids at a greater risk. That's according to a new study tracking the influence parental behavior has on kids.

The study suggests parents with a substance abuse problem can influence their kids toward drug and alcohol abuse. The report says kids 'don't read their parents' lips, they watch their parents' actions. And often learn how to act based on what they see.

Director of Nacogdoches Safe and Drug Free, Shari Ratliff finds a positive twist. "To me that message should be something that would be important to youth directors, teachers and mentors and coaches. If you can have a positive influence and you can model the right kind of behavior for those kids perhaps you can give them an example of a better choice."

A responsible parent is widely considered to be the best role model. Experts say children who don't have that should try to find another caring adult in their life.

The report was released by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, or CASA.