Are Images Of Jesus And Mary Considered Miracles?

It seems to be happening a lot lately. The image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary showing up on everything from a grilled cheese sandwich to people's windows. The latest report has some believing the image of Christ can be seen on a piece of wood taken from a bathroom door.

Operators of the Golden Palace Casino Website recently made headlines. They bought that grilled cheese sandwich for thousands of dollars, after a woman claimed the image of Mary was on it.

Other people have seen the form of Christ in candy.

But, how does the Catholic church perceive these claims? One East Texas priest gave us his opinion.

"I just keep my eyes closed to it. Because I don't find anything really meaningful in it, you know. I don't see any divine motivation behind it either, so I just disregard it actually." says Father James Kalliath, of St. Patrick's Catholic Church.

Father James says, for an event to be considered a miracle, it must meet strict criteria before the church will investigate.

"It should be first and foremost biblical, and it should have a divine message that is being imparted to the people."

After meeting these and other guidelines, the event is then investigated and studied by a select group of cardinals and bishops known as a Sacred Congregation.

After what can sometimes take years, it's only then, when something can truly be called a miracle.