Alto recovering addict finds meth, hands over to police

Alto recovering addict finds meth, hands over to police

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - An Alto man on the path to turning his life around has a picture to add to his addiction recovery scrapbook. Tuesday, he said the drug he has been ridding himself from for seven months fell into his lap.

It was a turning point for Jason Skelton. He's forever fighting to be free from drug addiction, and he passed a test.

"He was really excited about it. He was proud of himself," said Chief Jeremy Jackson, Alto Police Department. "Mr. Skelton told me that he had had a past with narcotics and drug addiction."

While doing community service along the county roads of Alto, Skelton came face to face with the demon he's dodged for seven months.

"He found a can of tobacco that also contained meth in it," Jackson said.

"It really wasn't any different, but it was really heavy. Come to find out, it was full of meth," Skelton said.

Skelton, filled with apprehension, handed the drugs that once controlled his every move over to authorities.

"Meth is a hard drug to overcome. Anytime someone can overcome that, it makes our job easier," Jackson said.

"The Lord is doing great work in my life," Skelton said.

It's an issue familiar to the area that Skelton took pride in overcoming.

"It's kind of like a cavity, and in the heart of a cavity, it's all decayed. Eventually, untreated it gets worse and worse and worse," Skelton said.

Skelton credits his rekindled relationship with a higher power for his strength. It's a milestone he wants to remember.

"Jesus is the reason why I was able to be free in that moment and able to get it away and remain separate from it," Skelton said.

Skelton said he'll put the picture he took with Alto's Chief of Police in his scrapbook along with other photos highlighting his journey with sobriety.

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