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Gift of Love: Sam

Sam wants to be adopted Sam wants to be adopted
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It was an afternoon of adventure and a walk through history at the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum for Sam and me. Sam has only one thing on his mind most of the time. He wants to be a United States Marine after he graduates from high school. He knows it's a big undertaking and wants to accept the challenge. 

"My brother died in the Navy, my uncle was injured in the Marines and my sister wants to become a pilot in the Air Force so  it's really huge for our family," Sam said.

This 15-year-old says he lost his father in a car wreck when he was young and looks forward to finding a forever family with both a mom and a dad.  Sam is a bright teenager and usually does well in school. 

His favorite subjects are, "World Geography and Biology," Sam said.

Sam also really enjoys his welding class at school.

"My first project was making a coffee table, then it was counter tops and now I am still working on a barbeque pit," Sam said.

And he'll use that barbecue pit to compete in the Future Farmers of America.

Sam likes playing video games, and he enjoys playing outside. 

"I read, I write, I'm working on a book. I'm writing my own book. I listen to music. I'm more of an active person. I like to go outside," Sam said.

Sam says he looks forward to finding a family that will spend time with him.  When asked what he looks forward to the most, Sam says it's the small things. 

"Being healthy, having fun, playing board games or family time, going fishing," Sam said.

Sam would also like a family that is Christ-centered and active in a church. But more importantly, Sam desires a family that will show him the Gift of Love.

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