Etoile farmer harvests turnip that weighs more than 12 pounds

Etoile farmer harvests turnip that weighs more than 12 pounds

ETOILE, TX (KTRE) - A massive turnip that weighed more than 12 pounds came out of a garden right here in East Texas.

It's been getting a great deal of attention in Etoile.

The farmer of the Etoile field where the turnip was raised goes by Hollywood. He's starting to care for his crops this season and says the rain has set things back a bit.

"It's been pretty rough on farmers, and the good Lord just blesses us sometimes," said Elvin "Hollywood" Cook.

Hollywood offers fresh produce to the Etoile community.

"Tomatoes, squash, peas, beans, whatever I can grow, they like it and always wait on me," Hollywood said.

Hollywood didn't give up on sowing his seeds. Now the community can really appreciate the turnip he produced!

"They flipped out; they couldn't believe it!" Hollywood said.

The massive vegetable was different than the others in Hollywood's plentiful garden.

"This one turnip was off by itself, and it started growing big," Hollywood said. "I left it and started fertilizing and taking care of it, and it got huge!"

Hollywood was shocked to find out the weight of the turnip. It was the one that got away from the severe weather.

"I knew it weighed a great bit, but I didn't know it weighed over 12 pounds!" Hollywood said.

What will he do with it now?

"I don't know, just show it mainly," Hollywood laughed.

Hollywood joked that he'd consider eating it if he gets hungry enough.

Hollywood said he got the seeds that produced that 12-pound turnip from Boles Feed Store in Nacogdoches.

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