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Lufkin family suspicious about disappearance of missing man

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Jason Stevens (Source: Lufkin Police Department) Jason Stevens (Source: Lufkin Police Department)
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

It's been a little over two weeks since a Lufkin man went missing. His family and friends are still searching for answers. Jason Stevens, 36, was reported missing when he didn't show up to work.  His manager says it was completely out of his character.

“It scared me, it scared me a lot,” Bruce Stevens, the father of Jason Stevens said.

“He had some surgery that week and clocked in on Wednesday, then he left at 10:27 a.m. and that was the last time we saw him,” Kelly Gabehart, the service manager at Ross Motorsports said.

Gabehart told KTRE that he and Jason had a father son relationship. Gabehart was the first to notice Jason missing.

To make things even more suspicious Jason did not pick up his latest check from work.

“It’s really strange for someone to go missing like that,” Gabehart said. “After being so consistent up until that point.”

Stevens was last seen walking back to his hotel room after telling coworkers he wasn’t feeling well. When he didn’t return the next day, that’s when his managers knew something wasn’t right.

“Nobody at the hotel knew where he was or had seen him since that same day,” Gabehart said.  “All his clothes were in the room, everything was there. I didn’t see his wallet, but other than that everything seemed to be there that he owned.”

The Lufkin Police department is helping to find Jason. The 36-year-old's dad doesn’t believe he just left without telling anyone. Now Bruce is pulling out all the stops to make sure his son is found and returns home.

“I know that I’m not the only father of a missing person, but he means the world to me,” Bruce said. “Jason if you’re out there please come home, call or something. Please help us find him please.”

Lufkin police are actively looking for Jason and are asking for your help. If you know anything about his whereabouts, you’re asked to contact the Lufkin Police Department.

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