Living Spaces: Backyard Finalist #1 - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Living Spaces: Backyard Finalist #1

Nine Reasons Why My Backyard Should Be Selected:

  1. We love to sit out on our deck and watch squirrels; insects eat us up; needs screen or something.

  2. Love to share our home; have grill outs with family and friends, but the yard and facilities are a real problem.

  3. We love the outdoors, but as we have gotten older, our yard is about all the outdoors we are able to explore. It is our getaway.

  4. [The} physical therapy doctor recommended that, with my handicap, a pool or spa would be great exercise, but we do not have the resources to do that.

  5. We have a great-sized yard, just need help to transform.

  6. Wife works all day, and I sit outside a lot. The yard is my “getting away” place with our two small dogs. They chase the squirrels and we love to watch them. It’s a real show.

  7. Keep the walls from closing in.

  8. We are very blessed here inLufkin with beautiful trees and grass and beautiful skies. We love to see all of nature.

  9. We need help! We don’t deserve any more than anyone else, but we do need the help and expertise.

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