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Living Spaces: Backyard Finalist #2

Nine Reasons Why My Backyard Should Be Selected:

  1. Our American dream came true:  On New Year’s Day, we moved into our brand new house.

  2. Our oldest daughter will graduate this year and will start college.

  3. Our son is a junior and will graduate next school year and will also start college.

  4. Our youngest daughter will graduate in 2008. That’s only three years and will be the third in the family to be in college.

  5. Which brings me to the fifth reason of why I should get a backyard makeover:  we’ll be broke!

  6. We like to entertain a lot, so our family and friends would enjoy our backyard.

  7. I need some assistance, since I don’t have a clue of where to start. It has very good potential.

  8. As you can see in the pictures, our yard is very bare. It really needs help.

  9. It would be an awesome gift for my kids to have a swimming pool. They would be able to invite their friends over the summer.

Click here to see enlarged versions of the photos.

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