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Living Spaces: Backyard Finalist #4 (WINNER)

Nine Reasons Why My Backyard Should Be Selected:

  1. My number one reason would be to provide a fun and safe place for my two boys to play and enjoy their childhood. As the boys get older I want to be able to provide a  place where all the friends want to hang out so I will know what they are doing and they will be supervised and out of any type of potential trouble.

  2. We designed and landscaped the front of our home ourselves about eight years ago and ran out of money and ideas before we could complete the backyard.

  3. We love to be outside! I would rather work, relax, eat, etc. outside but our backyard does not yet have what it needs to do all of that.

  4. We love to entertain our friends but if we want to be outside to eat we have to clean out our garage each time and borrow tables and chairs to set up in our garage and on the driveway.

  5. The big oak trees are gorgeous, the birds sing beautifully, and the quiet country setting is so relaxing! If we won the Backyard Living Spaces our backyard would be the next best thing to Heaven!

  6. We need a push lawn mower! We have a large riding lawn mower for the front and back but are currently using my husband’s grandmother’s push mower to mow the yard close to the house.

  7. We currently belong to a pool in town during the summer months and have to drive into town each time we want to swim. It would be so great to just step out the back door to swim!

  8. We do a lot of cooking outside during the summer months so that we don’t have a lot of clean up in the kitchen and can enjoy spending time together as a family. A new bar-b-que would be great for cooking all of our favorite foods and making S’mores!

  9. I watch hours of TV shows about redoing yards and read magazines with landscaping ideas and daydream about how my backyard could look. It would be a dream come true to have a beautifully landscaped backyard complete with a swimming pool and outdoor kitchen.

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