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Living Spaces: Backyard Finalist #5

Nine Reasons Why My Backyard Should Be Selected:

  1. First and foremost this would be the only opportunity that I would have to give my backyard a facelift because it would be years before we would be able to afford this.

  2. Because our family loves outdoor nature it would be such an enjoyment to have a backyard environment for entertaining family and friends or just simply for our enjoyment.

  3. My desire would be to have a small section fenced in for my flowers. We live out in the country where dogs roam. Needless to say, they tear up my flower beds. This is very frustrating after I have worked so hard (blood, sweat, and tears).

  4. I used to work in my yard all the time, but when the dogs tear flower beds up, poop on the sidewalk, etc., you lose motivation, and I would like to regain that back.

  5. Working out in the yard is great therapy for my physically and mentally. If I had a section that was fenced in, I could focus on maintaining it.

  6. It seems I have emphasized that I want a section of the yard fenced off, but if that would not be possible, any kind of makeover would be greatly appreciated. I have always heard when you live in the city you have a fence to keep pets in, and when you live in the country, you have a fence to keep pets or animals out. I have found that to be very true.

  7. We have a small covered back porch that needs some personality. With professional talent and
    enthusiasm, this porch could become the center of a new backyard makeover.

  8. When I tell people that I am entering the backyard makeover, they seem to think that would not happen because we are middle-class and this is for people that are less fortunate. I disagree. We are homebodies and have lived at our residence for 13 years. We would just like to improve our house that we have made aHome.

  9. Last, but not least, what more could you ask for after a stressful day at work [than] to go home and relax in your own backyard with great enjoyment, thanks to a backyard makeover.

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