Red Cross calls for help with Jasper, Newton county disaster recovery

Red Cross calls for help with Jasper, Newton county disaster recovery

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - While the devastating flood waters of Southeast Texas have began to recede, the need for volunteers has not. That's why American Red Cross officials are reaching out to people region-wide for a helping hand.

"We heard lots and lots of stories about people being displaced from their homes and not knowing where to go and roads being cut off and closed," said Ronald Anderson, a Nacogdoches area American Red Cross Volunteer.

It's a natural disaster that has left southeast Texas on the road to recovery and recuperation.

"How they will they shelter, and where they would shelter? How would they feed large numbers of people," Anderson said.

Those are the questions American Red Cross volunteers now have to find answers for.

"It doesn't just stop when the flood goes down. It continues after that, and this is why the Red Cross continues to need volunteers," Anderson said.

According to the Red Cross Website, keeping residents afloat since the relentless rains fell has required "3,600 overnight stays in 58 shelters, and 128,000 meals served."

"They need a shelter opened 24 hours a day. That takes a lot of people," Anderson said.

It's a project that needs more hands on deck.

"It's a logistical problem, an operations problem, a staffing problem, a volunteer problem," Anderson said.

Its a problem the Red Cross hopes to solve by welcoming all. No experience is required, and they'll train you when you get there.

"They need to go into all these homes that were inundated with flood waters to do an assessment of the damages to it," Anderson said.

Anderson said a lot of East Texans have already done their part by chipping in and covering shifts to offer help. Every hand counts.

The Texas Workforce Commission is now accepting applications for Disaster Unemployment Assistance. This comes after the Presidential Disaster Declaration for workers in Jasper, Newton, and Orange counties who lost their jobs due to damage from these severe storms.

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