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Gift of Love: Joshua

Joshua is looking for the Gift of Love Joshua is looking for the Gift of Love
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It was an afternoon of high flying and trampoline games at iJump for 11-year-old Joshua.  At school, Joshua finds P.E., math, and reading to be among his favorite subjects.  He has many interests and loves to learn new things and try new things.  But one subject tops them all for Joshua.

"My favorite thing about it is Science," Joshua said.

The 4th grader says he loves figuring things out.

"When I'm grow up I'm going to try to be a scientist," Joshua said.

And more specifically, Joshua would like to be a botanist!

He says that he enjoys video games, art, and riding his bike; especially racing on his bike.  Joshua's favorite toys are Hot Wheels, swords, and the newest video game.  He also likes sports.

"Basketball! I can finally slam dunk with one hand and two hands and backwards," Joshua said.

"When i am not in school, in sports, I like to play football," Joshua said.

Wide receiver is his favorite position to play. 

As for Joshua's favorite teams, "I like the Seattle Seahawks, I like the Dallas Cowboys, I like the New York Giants, The Panthers and the Buccaneers," Joshua said.

Joshua also says he likes to build things and is currently working on a tree house that he can put all sorts of cool stuff in.  When it comes to his favorite foods, Joshua likes what most 11-year-olds like.

"Pizza definitely!" said Joshua.

Joshua says he also likes hamburgers, hot wings, and chicken. 

And for dessert it's, "Chocolate Pie," Joshua said.

Joshua speaks of owning his very own dream car one day, but his fullest hopes and dreams are set on having a better life with his forever family and that special person to call "Mom".

"I want an older brother and sister. I want younger brother and sisters. I want animals. I  want a mom and a dad. I want uncles and aunts," Joshua said.

He says he believes in God and likes going to church. Joshua says he hopes his family is a Christian family that likes to do the same.

"Usually, I like to go out to eat and watching movies with my family.">

Joshua's forever family will need to accept him for who he is and be capable of committing to countering the rejection he has experienced in his young life with grace and mercy. 

He will need very consistent praise and encouragement with strong structure and guidance from safe and trusting caregivers. But most importantly, Joshua will need the Gift of Love.

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