Spring time brings out gardeners in East Texas

Spring time brings out gardeners in East Texas
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

The colorful flowers and return of wildlife to Virginia Welchs garden means only one thing, spring time is here.
Welch is not alone in her gardening efforts. East Texans are now focusing on their gardens, planting flowers and herbs.

"If you are a gardener, it makes you want to get out and start planting things and getting your soil ready.

Experts say the best advice for getting a garden ready this spring season is to make sure the plants are suitable for the natural environment and not invasive."

"Eastern redbud is a real good species,
Texas A&m invasive species specialist Michael Murphrey said. It blooms real pretty in the spring time, flowering dogwood is a real good species. It depends on what your goals are especially if you are into landscape. Your native species; all of your oaks, your hickories, pecans and things of that nature are "

Murphrey warns of the danger in having invasive plants that can eat away at the habitat used by East Texas insects and animals.

"They tend to spread and overtake the environment out competing all other species, causing major problems and causing billions of dollars spent every year trying to control this thing,
Murphrey said.

Welch said to have a good garden you have to be committed and spend multiple hours every week.

"Most vines are real invasive,
Welch said. I have a lot of that in my yard that has to be cut back every few months."

Welch said to keep her soil healthy, she relies on what she was taught by her mother.

"Herbs is what really helps it along with shrubs and trees,
Welch said.

Welch is also getting ready to harvest her row of potatoes. Once they are pulled she will be able to prepare for her summer plants.

"Something else can be put in that place,
Welch said. I use it for both winter and summer plants.

Murphrey said anyone with any questions can either contact his office or the are Texas A&M Agrilife extension office.

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