Affordable Care Act has six year anniversary

Affordable Care Act has six year anniversary

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - The Affordable Care Act turns six, Wednesday. For many, Obamacare is considered the most sweeping piece of legislation under President Barack Obama. 
As of this month, The White House said about 20 million Americans gained health insurance from the law.

"Pre-existing conditions exclusions are a thing of the past, affordable options are within our reach, and health care is no longer a privilege, but a right," Obama said.

That's what Obama ended his press release with. It gave an overview of progress made since he signed the Affordable Care Act six years ago today.

The controversial law is still bringing cases to the U.S. Supreme Court up to this very day. It has it's share of supporters and critics.

Stats paint a picture of how the law has fared here in Texas. The uninsured in Texas went from 27 percent to 22 percent.

There are no coverage denials, so over 10 million Texans with pre-existing conditions were protected.

With a need for more primary care physicians, Corps clinicians went from 115 in 2008 to 209 in 2015.

East Texas health care agencies all declined to interview on its progress here in the Pineywoods. On the upside, Those with pre-exising conditions were able to find coverage. Meanwhile, many East Texas primary providers opted out of joining the marketplace leaving some without care from physicians they'd grown accustomed to.

It's seemingly been a hit or miss situation for East Texans. In the press release, Obama said there is more work to be done.

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