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04/01/05 - Lufkin

Local Nuns React To Pope's Failing Health

by Chris Cato

Sister Mary Annunciata of the Monistary of the Infant Jesus said, "all of those things are so mixed up you don't know weather to be sad or not."

The sisters at the Monastery of the Infant Jesus in Lufkin were saddened by early reports of the Pope's failing health Friday. They say while Pope John Paul II's death will be a great loss, they pray he does not suffer much longer.

Sister Mary Annunciata said, "their's a feeling of relief for him knowing how at least in these last few weeks, well for a long time but particularly in these last few weeks, how much he has suffered."

The sisters say, the Pope's death will have a big impact. Mainly because of all the things he accomplished during his time leading the church.

Sister Mary Annunciata said, "because he saw so many people and traveled so far over the world, and they heard his message whether catholic or not, whether they agreed with him or not. But his social teachings has had a great impact on the world."

Some believe the Pope's works will someday merit sainthood. As his final hours come to a close, many continue to pray.

Sister Mary Jeremiah said, "everyone is praying that he will have a calm and happy and peaceful death when the Lord does come for him."

If the Pope dies, all the Cardinals will be called to Rome to elect a new Pope. The process of choosing the next Pope could take anywhere from several days to several weeks.

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