Hometown musician returns to Lufkin with message of hope

Hometown musician returns to Lufkin with message of hope
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Music. For some it's only entertainment. For Jerry Perkins, it's a way of life.

"Music is the universal language. And just beyond even pursuing it on a professional level, I'm just grateful to have the gift to have gotten me through many days," Perkins said.

His days, beginning right here in Deep East Texas, growing up on Lufkin's North side.

"At age 5 I remember playing harmonica, my brother would play drums , my older brother Isaac and then my mother is still to this day one of the best on the organ. And my father would preach and play guitar," Perkins said.

A family of musicians, often only playing in church. That's until Perkins took it a step further, joining an R&B group.

"We called ourselves 'Too Unique' and in 1997 we won this contest in Los Angeles at the House of Blues called Best of the West Talent Fest," Perkins said.

His love for music would grow so great, that Perkins followed his father and his dream to Los Angeles this time after his parent's separated.

"I was fortunate enough through our manager at the time to meet this guy Desmond Map that at that time was signed to this label 'No Limit', Master P's 'No Limit Records," Perkins said.

Once signed, Perkins would soon become a part of 'Sons of Funk'. While Perkins was living his dream musically, personally things suffered.

"Being in Los Angeles and being so busy with my own life, I really wasn't checking in on my mother like I should've been, you know? And so, that slowed me down and kind of gave me a wakeup call and re-centered me in life," Perkins said.

So now, back home, he's hoping to be an inspiration to a new generation of Lufkin's youth, who may feel success isn't within their reach.

"It's about who you see yourself becoming and you getting up each day and rising above that environmental circumstance and becoming who you were created to be. So I'm just an example that if I can it, anyone can do it," Perkins said.

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