Time Change Saturday

It's time again to do the time warp, did you remember?

It's okay if you didn't, just be sure to remember before you get up for work on Monday because instead of being on time, you will be an hour behind. That can cause a host of other problems not only for you, but your children.

One child said, "my momma, she forgot to put the clock on right so when we woke up, it was like 8-something and I was supposed to be at school at eight."

You may get away with it at school if you explain that it was because of daylight savings, but you probably won't be so lucky at work. Employers we spoke with say they're posting signs everywhere to let their employees know it's no excuse to be late to work. But some still don't remember.

One East Texan who forgot said, "when I woke up it was like 8-something and I was supposed to be at work at seven. So I was late-late. I got a tardy, so I was late."

The time change isn't all that bad. You do loose an hour of sleep but at least the sun will be out a little longer. And think about those working the graveyard shift Saturday night, they work an hour less and many still get the same amount on their paychecks.

Just be sure to set your clocks an hour ahead Saturday night, or you could end up running behind.

It's also recommended that when you change your clocks, you also change your batteries in those smoke detectors. Fire officials say you need to change the batteries twice a year and say the easiest way to remember is to do it at the time change.