UIL places Livingston ISD on probation for rules violations

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - The Texas University Interscholastic League has reprimanded and placed Livingston ISD on two years probation in connection to submission of enrollment figures.

According to a letter from Superintendent Brent Hawkins, the district retained its 5A classification after it had been re-classified to 4A earlier in the year.

Hawkins addressed an anonymous letter sent to KTRE which alleged he had some students moved to another campus so that the district could get the 4A designation.

"The letter, which can be accurately characterized as a smear campaign, attacked the character and reputation of many of us working on your behalf at the District," Hawkins stated. "Apart from the personal attacks, the letter contained many inaccuracies and misunderstandings of fact. Additionally, information contained in the letter could only have come from someone who may have worked in the District."

Hawkins explained the readjustment came after clarification regarding the district's enrollment and reporting rules as they relate to Livingston High School and the Livingston High School Academy.

While Academy students are not eligible for UIL competition, UIL requires the students be counted, according to Hawkins.

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