East Texas Reacts To Pope's Death

News of the Pope's death has had an impact all over the world, and East Texas is no exception.

The sisters of the Monastery of the Infant Jesus spent most of this Sunday in Chapel, praying for the Pope. There were tears of sadness for his passing but mostly the sisters pray for a future that honors Pope John Paul II.

Sister Mary Jeremiah said, "all Catholics, Christians, people of good will. The best thing, honor that we can give to Pope John Paul is to try to live his ideals and the things he taught us."

Sister Mary Jeremiah says one of the sisters is usually in the Chapel anywhere from 4 in the morning to 8:30 at night to speak and pray with if you need it.

Special Sunday services were held all over East Texas.

At St. Patricks Church in Lufkin, a special Funeral Mass was held to honor the late Pope. Special prayers were read during the memorial service, and priests we spoke with say some people are taking the loss to heart.

Father James Kalliath said, "people were so sad and they are also concerned about the future. They are looking forward to knowing who will be the next Pope. At the same time they're all praying for him."

The selection of a new Pope will be decided by the Cardinals after a lenghty voting process.