Man Arrested Could Be Gunman In Saturday's Pellet Gun Shooting

It was a lucky break Sunday afternoon after police arrested a man who could prove to be the gunman who allegedly shot a pregnant woman Saturday in Lufkin.

Officers say 44-year-old Alvin Richards was arrested after terrorizing the customers at the Okay Food Store on Raguet Street. Officers say Richards dropped the gun as soon as he saw police and was arrested without incident. He's in the Angelina County Jail.

At the time he was arrested, his clothes and weapon matched the description of Saturday's shooter. The victim of the shooting was 5-months pregnant and was shot in the back. She's at Lufkin Memorial Hospital being treated for her injuries.

Officers say shooting a person with a pumped up air rifle or pellet gun can cause serious injury or even death. They say in this case, the woman was just lucky she didn't turn around.

Lt. Gerald Williamson of the Lufkin Police Dept. said, "the projectile traveled rather deep, about 3 inches from her back into her stomach area. She was pregnant so it made the situation a little more serious. If she'd been shot from the front we might have had a dead child."

Alvin Richards has not been charged with the shooting yet. Police are still investigating whether or not the pellet came from Richards' gun.