East Texas Woman Remembers The Day The Pope Blessed Her

Cynthia Lewis Lufkin Resident
Cynthia Lewis Lufkin Resident

Visiting the Vatican seven years ago with her family was an undescribable experience for Cynthia Lewis. She only spent a week in Rome, but that visit forever changed her faith.

"I got to see him at St. Peters. I was there for the papal blessing and he was in his apartment and I got to see him from the window."

You can barely see the Pope waving to the crowd in a photograph taken by Lewis, but those who did see him that day say his presence was strong, powerful, and unforgettable.

"He was the type of person that wanted to bring unity to the entire world. He visited so many different countries. Not only did he meet with Catholic leaders, but he met with leaders of other religions as well."

Born and raised a devout Catholic, Lewis hopes to visit Rome again someday. Until then, she'll rely on photographs and her faith to remember a man she considers one of the world's greatest leaders.

Pope John Paul II was the third longest serving Pope in history. He led the Catholic church for 26 years.