Professional Actor Returns To Native East Texas

Justin Adams Professional Actor
Justin Adams Professional Actor

Not so long ago Kilgore College graduate Justin Adams drove down highway 59 to SFA. He came to see a performance of 'Mcbeth.' Adams returned this week. This time not as an observer, but in the lead role for the theatre group that inspired him so much.

Adams returned to his native East Texas with 'The Acting Company', America's foremost touring theater group. It's the same company that encouraged the Sabine High School graduate to follow his dreams.

"I was one of those kids that was reached and was wide eyed and full of wonder and I can remember what it did to me so it's so great now to get a chance to return the favor," said Adams.

The Acting Company has three major goals. It develops young promising actors, takes professional theater to rural areas and educates theater audiences. That all appealed to Adams.

Adams is only 24, but his achievements are impressive. He was the only American selected from thousands to study with London's prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He's waiting for his first feature film to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

But none of that is as important as the lead in 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona' performed in Nacogdoches on Monday night. "One of the main reasons I took this gig was for this venue tonight cause it's a homecoming. I don't ever get to come home. My grandmother is coming tonight to see me, my parents and some of my old teachers."

Adams wants them to see that he shoots for his dreams. Adams follows the advice he shares with other students. "If you love it, do it for your love of it and just continue to learn. As long as you're enjoying it, it will take you places."

Adams will return to Kilgore College this summer for the Texas Shakespeare Festival.