Walk Across Texas And More

Willie Cook 5th grader
Willie Cook 5th grader
Peggy Adams Co. Extension Agent
Peggy Adams Co. Extension Agent

by Jessica Cervantez

Walking across Texas wasn't much of a challenge for Brandon Elementary students in Lufkin. So, instead, they decided to walk across the nation, and even up into Canada and back. They walked all these miles without leaving town as part of a special program that is helping the kids stay fit.

For some it's a competition, for others it's just for fun. Since February 1st, the kids have spent time running laps, four of them equals a mile.

Willie Cook, a fifth grader, said, "If you run twenty laps you get a foot which is five miles and when you run twenty five miles you get a big foot, I guess I've run 125 miles."

The program is designed to be an interesting way to teach students about nutrition. Physical education teachers are proud of the students' accomplishments.

Paula Rusk said, "The kids have really run with the idea, they've far exceeded our expectations."

Not only are students learning about physical health, while running a combined total of more than 10-thousand miles, but they are also learning how to balance a healthy diet.

The kids learn the importantce of eating colorful vegetables, important information for these students to take home with them.

Katie Philp, another fifth grader, said, "My mom is on a diet so we've been eating really healthy, it's really a big jump from being on a diet to not being on a diet."

It's hoped the lessons about staying healthy, remain with these kids, and their families, for a lifetime.

The Walk Across Texas program ends Friday, April 8th. The kids have already covered more than 10-thousand miles.