Brandon Elementary students encourage classmates to read

Brandon Elementary students encourage classmates to read
(Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)

Since TVs were invented, it's been harder to get kids to back away from technology.

We're living in the era of mobile devices. From cell phones to tablets you rarely see kids rush to pick up a book. However some students at Brandon Elementary said that's not the case.

"Most people like to play on their phones or their xBoxes, I do that sometimes, but most of the time I sit on the couch with my mom and read a book," said Grant Ashby, a Brandon Elementary 5th grader.

Ashby and Makayla Rawls are recognized as the top readers of their class and encourage other students to put down the tablet and pick up a book.

"They are consistent with their reading," said Kim England, the Brandon Elementary school librarian. "They show others new titles, and they're just success stories. I think they're going to do real well in school because they're such good readers."

"It feels like you're one of the characters, and you can feel like you're in the book," Rawls said.

"You'll love reading. It's an amazing thing once you get into it," Ashby said.

Ashby wasn't always the first one to grab a book. Last year, he was slacking, but this year he was encouraged by his mom.

"I like to go to a park down the street, and my mom told me that I can only go if she read me the first two chapters of Harry Potter," Ashby said. "So she read me those, and after that, I couldn't put a book down."

Although kids are motivated to read during school hours, it's highly recommended that parents encourage reading at home.

"Not everyone understands how important this will be, and as Grant said, it will help you later in life," England said.

Students who don't read often tend to lack communication, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

If you're having a problem getting your child to read, experts said find a book that would interest your child.

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