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'Treehouse Masters' unveils latest masterpiece in East Texas town

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

It’s every child’s dream come true, some young and others young at heart.

“It’s was fun, it was great, loved it,” said Pat and James Cox.

Yes, that’s a tree house. Something many have only seen in movies.

This one, slightly more unique though. It’s courtesy of the show ‘Treehouse Masters’.

“I love the show, it’s really, really awesome. ‘What’s cool about?’ That the tree houses are really, like, they make them for like grownups and little kids and they make some people really, really happy,” said one excited attendee.

The show’s front man, Pete Nelson, travels the globe making the impossible, possible...at least when it comes to structures in the sky.

“Everybody on our crew just pinches themselves every now and then because they go, ‘Wait a minute, I’m building forts and I’m an adult,” said Pete Nelson, host of Treehouse Masters.

Six sets of hands, working on this project six years in the making. The end result though, completed in less than four weeks.

“It’s just been really fun getting to do all the different activities out here, getting to go up in the treehouse,” said Mitchell Brenham, another excited attendee.  

The Livingston tree house, complete with bridges, slides and even nets to climb, all with a 360 degree view of Camp Cho-Yeh.

And with a tree house as massive as this one, also comes an equally-sized teaching moment.

“I like to think that this is something we can show our kids, too, and even adults alike. It’s just follow your heart. Whatever you love to do, make it something you do every day,” Nelson said.

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