Gas Stations Compete For Customers - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

04/05/05 - East Texas

Gas Stations Compete For Customers

by Ramonica R. Jones

Gas prices often vary from station to station, but when those stations are next door to each other, which one gets your business?

On Highway 69 North in Lufkin, a penny could be the deciding factor between whether you buy Shell or Diamond Shamrock.

Keith Dennis said, "To me, it's just a penny.  Wherever I am when I need it is usually where I get it."

Other drivers shop around until they find the best deal.  It takes a lot more than a penny to persuade some East Texans to stop.

Ginger Ladieu said, "[At Chevron], it's $2.19.  I only pay $2.13.  Six cents makes a difference.  It's a little bit more gas; not much, but a little bit."

Whether you can afford it or not, drivers know there's nothing they can do about high gas prices.  Some folks pay what they can, when they can.

"These gas prices are outrageous," said Tammy Flurry.  "$2.19 a gallon for gas is not good at all."

No one knows how long gas prices will shoot through the roof, but as long as they do, you can be sure there'll be plenty of gas wars trying to attract customers, even if the difference in price is as small as a penny.

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