Mishap causes sexually-explicit broadcast on Livingston radio station

Mishap causes sexually-explicit broadcast on Livingston radio station
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - On Tuesday April 5th, FM radio station 104.3 KXAX in Livingston was the "X" of Texas for another reason – X-Rated.

"Lots of vulgarity, word after word. A couple of guys and it didn't seem like a real point to the broadcast. It was more like a couple of people having fun," said Jason Mclelland, owner of 104.3.

Listeners tuned in around 8 a.m. expecting to hear their usual country tunes instead heard hosts from a podcast called "FurCast".

"What on earth? Is this my fault? What do I do," said Sabrena Saldana, who was live on-air during the mix-up.

"My friend was in her car and she calls me up and she tells me there's something weird on the radio. So I turn the speaker up and they were saying some pretty interesting, disturbing things," Saldana said.

Thinking it was just a frequency mix-up with the airwaves – something Mclelland figured would be a quick fix.

"We have remote equipment so that we can control it with our phone. Say if I'm out of the area and something like that happens; I can get on my phone and log in to my equipment," Mclelland said.

And so he did just that, or so he tried, except this time his password didn't work, leaving him with one conclusion.

"I believe it was a hack," Mclelland said.

But who? And more importantly why?

The folks at FurCast say point your fingers elsewhere. They released a statement saying "We are deeply sorry to hear about this inappropriate incident." They went on to say, "We are working with law enforcement to investigate this incident."

The radio take-over lasted for about 90 minutes before regular programming resumed and Mclelland says he hopes it stays that way.

"Someone was just having a laugh. That's all I can guess," Mclelland said.

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