Harold’s House clarifies difference between punishment and abuse

Harold’s House clarifies difference between punishment and abuse
(Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For years parents have used different methods for punishing their children, but some methods can to get out of hand.

"It's not always just because you spank your child or anything, it's really a pattern and a history of leaving visible signs of abuse on the child," Deanna Wallace, Harold's House executive director said.

Disciplining children is one of the hardest things that parents have to do. When it comes to putting your foot down, many Americans choose the spanking method.

"We discourage spanking but there is nothing that says you can't spank your child if that is your form of discipline," Wallace said.

Spanking your child is a form a punishment, however Wallace said it's not recommended because it can lead to child abuse very quickly.

"A lot of times when parents spank they're angry and it can be taken a little too far even when they don't mean to," Wallace said.

Abuse isn't the only epidemic facing young children, in fact more than 62% face neglect.

"It probably makes up a very large portion of what child protective services see, is neglectful supervision," Wallace said.

Recently, a case of neglect happened right here in East Texas, when December Simmons left three young children unsupervised at the Buckner Family Place in Lufkin.

"When a parent decides to leave their child or put their child in a situation that they're just not physically or emotionally mature enough to handle," Wallace said.

These type of situations can be avoided, Harold House representatives suggest parents try alternative punishments such as, a time out or simply talking to your kids.

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