What Will Happen To Shirley Creek Marina?

by Jessica Cervantez

For seventeen years, Shirley Creek Marina was owned by Bill Webb. Just two years ago, he sold the marina. Now, there is big debate over campers who stay at the marina for months at a time. The Corps of Engineers now says those campers are not allowed to stay that long.

Webb said, "It could be devastating to the park, marina, bank, Etoile, the fire department, they all depend an awful lot on the marina."

Webb fears what may happen to Shirley Creek Marina. The former marina owner says, without the revenue from long time campers, it would be hard times for the new owner.

"This could highly affect her income and with the winter months around the corner I don't think she can survive," Webb said.

An electrical bill alone can run up to $5,000 a month. Webb says some campers have been there way before he owned the marina. Their long stays have always been under scrutiny from the corps.

Webb said, "It is something that has been discussed with the corps for like ten years, they asked me what I am going to do about it, I told them 'I didn't know what to do,' but they never came to me with a hardcore mandate."

Webb knows it's a lot of hard work to own a marina. He hopes something can be resolved.

Webb said, "I hope they allow them to stay there and go away with nutrition for her sake. As soon as someone leaves they can't come back."

The corps of engineers is hoping both sides can come up with some type of compromise.

The East Texas News was unable to get in contact with the new owner, but some Etoile residents say they plan to hold another meeting about the issue soon.