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04/06/05 - Shelby County

Convicted Killer Arrested In Shelby County

Randolph Dial Caught Fugitive Courtesy of Shelby Co.Sherrif's Dept. Randolph Dial Caught Fugitive Courtesy of Shelby Co.Sherrif's Dept.

by Donna McCollum

A bizarre story of a man who escaped from prison eleven years ago. He took off with an Oklahoma assistant warden's wife as a hostage. And ended up living a fairly normal life for the last five years with her in Shelby county.

A tip generated by the TV show 'America's Most Wanted' led to Randolph Dial's arrest. The woman he supposedly kidnapped Bobbi Parker has also been found. She had been living with him the entire time.

They spent time in Houston, Crockett and Nacogdoches, but it was a mobile home near the Campti Community of Shelby County where they've been the last five years. Dial took care of chicken houses and other property in the area.

It was alike any other day, but this time law authorities caught him completely by surprise. Dial visited with reporters and said, "I thought about how it would be many times and hoped I would be luckier, hoped to see them coming. Didn't, didn't have a clue."

The sixty year old convicted killer says he was watching a golf tournament when authorities finally caught up with him. The woman he had been living with, Bobbi Parker, a woman he kidnapped 11 years ago was down the road at a chicken house. Dial insists she was with him against her will. "She was living under the impression if she ever tried to get away I would get away and make her regret it, particularly against her family. I didn't mean it, but she didn't know that."

Parker hid her face after visiting her home for the last five years one more time. Dial says he and Parker were not intimate. Neighbors assumed they were married. They had no idea of his questionable past.

Dial described being a prisoner in his own home, yet one he liked. The mobile home sets on several acres where he spent his very last moments of freedom. Dial said, "I was doing time. I never went anywhere. There is no one in Lufkin, Nacogdoches or anywhere who can say they have ever seen me because they haven't. It was just the same as being in prison except I had a big yard."

Dial calls himself a "hostage taker" with no regrets. "I wouldn't trade it, past ten and half years. The whole idea after you get to prison is one way or another to do your very best to get out," shared Dial.

Dial will remain in the Shelby County Jail under close watch until time to be transported to Oklahoma. Meanwhile, the quiet area of Shelby County, Dials' beloved home, will soon be bombarded by national media wanting to show and tell the place where Randolph Dial lived.

Dial says he doesn't know for sure who tipped off authorities about where he was living. As far as Bobbi Parker it's reported she's been reunited with her husband Randy who still lives in Oklahoma and never remarried. They have two daughters who were 8 and 10 at the time of her disappearance.

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