Regents approve SFA gun policy

Source: SFA Facebook
Source: SFA Facebook

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The long awaited campus carry policy has been approved by SFA's Board of Regents.

A revision of its current firearms policy now abides to state law that stipulates beginning Aug. 1, public institutions of higher education across the state may no longer prohibit persons from carrying concealed handguns on campuses, as long as the carrier is properly licensed to do so.

There are exceptions to the rule.

Here are the places where concealed handguns are prohibited on the SFA campus:

* The Early Childhood Research Center, the location of the charter school.

* The Human Services Building where numerous diagnostic labs that serve children are located is a gun free zone.

* Concealed handguns cannot be brought to the third floor of the Rusk Building where the Counseling Services Office is located.

* Concealed handguns are not allowed at high school, college or professional sporting events.

* Concealed handguns may be removed from a licensed holder in a nonpublic, secure portions of the University Police Department.

And the university president has the authority to place a reasonable restriction on the concealed handgun policy for up to five days.

This is where concealed guns are allowed:

* Dorms and strict rules on storage must be followed.  The  exception is when children's camps are utilizing the dorms. No guns allowed in that case.

* Concealed guns are allowed in faculty offices, laboratories and gymnasiums.

The new rules begin Aug. 1st.

SFA President Dr. Baker Patillo had said previously to regents that SFA would not be breaking the state law, even though administration isn't in total agreement with it.

The modified Firearms, Explosives and Ammunition policy, as approved by the Board of Regents, may be found at

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