Top 20 Lufkin graduates recognize their ‘Educators of Influence’

Top 20 Lufkin graduates recognize their ‘Educators of Influence’
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Dozens of teachers in the Lufkin Independent School District were acknowledged by students whose lives they impacted the most.

Twenty of the top LISD graduates selected a faculty member who had the greatest impact on their educational career.

On Wednesday, they surprised them with an invitation to the Academic Awards Banquet.

"My teacher of influence was Mr. Sean Dupre'. He's our photography teacher here at Lufkin High School," said Jenae Hyde, a Lufkin High School student said. "I chose him because I've always enjoyed photography and he's just helped enhance my skills."

The Lufkin Education Foundation will recognize the top 20 graduates at the Panthers Prestige banquet on Wednesday, May 25th.

Here is a complete list of this year's educators of influence and their students:

Julie McManus – Lufkin High School; Elisabeth Alvis

Tim Krause – Lufkin High School; Deandra Cavazos

Sarah Porter – Lufkin Middle School; Paige Coleman

Marcy Weibe – Lufkin High School; Diana Dunman

Mark Keith – Lufkin High School; Morgan Evans

Robyn Segrest – Lufkin High School; Daniel Gonzalez

Sean Dupre' – Lufkin High School; Jynae Hyde

Truitt Eubank – Lufkin High School; Marilyn James

Mary Gail McCarty – Lufkin ISD; Reagan Jordan

Sadale Lamb – Lufkin High School, Benjamin Osgood

Callie Crocker – Lufkin High School; Kenneth Poskey

Bruce Runnels – Slack Elementary; Alyson Riley

Jamie Mahan – Dunbar Primary; Luke Rowley

Denise Davis – Lufkin High School; Corinne Rudis

Danny Eubanks – Lufkin High School; Erika Sloan

Bret Lockhart  - Lufkin High School; Jessica Todd

Alison  Hillis – Lufkin High School; Monica Vegiraju

Zoie Lovejoy – Lufkin Middle School; Jackson Vier

Janice Holcomb – Lufkin High School; Kyle Wiggers

David Young – Lufkin High School; Hannah Young

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