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04/05.05 - Lufkin

What Would Make A Kidnap Victim Stay With Her Captor For Ten Years?

by Stuart Burson

Bobbi Parker had apparently been living her captor, Randy Dial for the entire ten years he'd been a fugitive.

During that time, it's believed she held jobs outside the home and had chances to try and escape, but she stayed. So, what would make her stay with the man who kidnapped her?

"Why did she not try to escape, or why in ten years she did not try to call somebody else on the telephone trying to get away? It seems unlikely to most people but in truth you can actually see that after a certain amount of time she would begin to see 'How could I go back to my family, how would I fit back in?'" says professional counselor Mark Sutton.

But according to her captor, it was the fear for her family's safety that kept her from trying to leave.

"She was living under the impression that if she ever got away, I'd get away, and make her regret it... particularly towards her family. I didn't mean it, but she didn't know that." said Dial.

Sutton says other family members can be used as a tool to get a kidnap victim to cooperate.

"Frequent threats towards other family members are the most effective. Where you get the impression that you yourself are protecting your family members by not escaping yourself."

Sutton says, although it may not have been a factor in this case, there are other things a kidnapper can do to make a victim comply with their demands. So much so, victims can sometimes form a bond with their captors.

"There's a lot of different ways to control people. Brainwashing techniques involve control of all of the reinforces such as food, water, shelter, that kind of thing. We have a tendency when we're involved in a power - captive type of relationship to begin to identify with the captors."

There are still many questions waiting to be answered about this case, answers that may take days and maybe even weeks to surface. Sutton also says after more than ten years of being apart, Bobbi Parker and her husband will likely have to work through many issues related to the kidnapping.

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