Residents battle weather woes in Polk County

Residents battle weather woes in Polk County
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

GOODRICH, TX (KTRE) - Another day of rainy weather in Deep East Texas; Great, when it cancels classes like it did for kids in Livingston ISD.

Not so great, when it washes out the only road to your home.

"Nervous! Nervous, just trying to get here and check on my mother," said LaKita McGowen, a Goodrich resident.

Flood waters from this creek proving too strong for the stretch of El Camino road in Goodrich.

"The water had already gone down when we came this morning so we walked across it," McGowen said.

Crews brought in a higher grade of gravel hoping to put an end to a problem McGowen says has happened 3 times in the last six months.

And just down the road, another mess on the roadway.

"We were alerted on Friday by a school bus driver that the road was washing out here," said Jermy Harper, Mayor of Goodrich.

Acting fast, city officials brought in the best material they could as a quick fix.

"We'd gotten it compacted it but the place to get the gravel was closed," Harper said.

That was late Friday, but after the round of storms that swept through Sunday night…

"We've lost everything that we put in here and I think there were six to eight loads of heavy clay material hauled in here," Harper said.

That's over $2,000 worth of materials…

"all washed out," Harper said.

To make matters worse, when the rain washed out the road, it also left the community's water line exposed.

And even the least amount of damage to it means –

"Everybody on this side will not have any water," said Marlene Arnold, Goodrich councilwoman.

A problem they likely can't solve until this rain, goes away.

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