Travel Agents Have Advice For Vacationers Visiting The Vatican

Plan early.  That's the most important advice East Texas travel agents give to all travelers.  But if you're trying to get to Rome anytime soon, you may be running out of luck no matter how much planning you do.

Julie Wall, owner of All Travel in Lufkin, said, "It has been difficult to get over there.  We did have a couple leave Wednesday morning and we were able to find them reasonably priced airfare, as well as lodging."

After Pope John Paul II's funeral Friday, things won't slow down for local travel agents.  Several East Texans have already made reservations for Rome over the next few months, and even more are expected to visit the Vatican this summer.

"People are just coming from everywhere to be in Rome, not only for the death of the old Pope, but also the new one that will come into play.  I think it's historical and people want to be involved in that."

No matter when you travel, there's another piece of advice if you're looking for the best deals.

Wall said, "The Internet is not the gospel, and we will, nine times out of ten, match or beat the Internet."

And whether your next trip is to Rome or another overseas location, you should get your passport way in advance.  It can take as long as two months to get one.

Right now, a round trip ticket to Rome from Texas costs around $2,000.  During the winter, tickets are sometimes as low as $400 round trip.