Could You Be Paying More For Your Water?

by Jessica Cervantez

You could soon be paying more for your water. The Texas state senate is considering a plan that would increase your bill.

The goal is to guide the state's future water use. Supporters say the bill would help protect the environment and promote water conservation.

Under the plan, Texans would face millions of dollars in fee depending on water consumption. After using 5,000 gallons of water a month, there would be a $.13 increase for every thousand gallons used after that.

The plan has some community leaders concerned.

Paul Park, the Lufkin city manager, said, "It's another attempt, in my opinion, for the state to send unfunded mandates."

Parker is concerned that the city will have to make the residents pay the fee, but the state will get the money, and the city will never see it.

In the City of Lufkin, the average resident used about $6,000 gallons of water in the last twelve months.