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Gladewater's 'Texas Traditions' restaurant

(Source: The Loop staff) (Source: The Loop staff)
The t-shirt about the ability to smoke in TX Traditions. (Source: The Loop staff) The t-shirt about the ability to smoke in TX Traditions. (Source: The Loop staff)

If you live in Gladewater, or if you happen to be a truck driver along Highway 80 looking for a home-cooked meal in the middle of the night, you probably know about Texas Traditions Restaurant. 

The restaurant has been a fixture in Gladewater for years, though it has gone through several changes during that time, including a name change; it was once called The Silver Spur. The late Michael Sollars owned the restaurant for around  twenty years, and now his son, Brent, is at the helm.

The diner-style food is reasonably priced, and the serving sizes are generous. The onion rings are huge and a large plate of them, piled high, costs $4.99. They also said that they actually do feed truck drivers during the night, as they stay open all night long. Anyone having a hankering for a country fried steak plate, a hearty breakfast, or a burger and a huge stack of onion rings, will find all of that anytime, day or night. 

The restaurant offers a drive-thru window, as well, and one customer said that she loves to call in orders to pick up after work on the way home. 

Their large burgers are a favorite in the restaurant, and pie is favorite dessert, the waitresses said. They say they offer chocolate, pecan, apple, peach, and cherry, as well as a fried cheesecake, and ice cream.There are also daily specials, written on the specials board above the counter. Everything is cooked to order, so your food will arrive to your table hot and fresh.

Sollars enclosed the smoking section, so all the smokers who have dined there for decades can still have a place to eat while they smoke, staff members said. The scent of smoke does waft over to the main dining room, but not with the full force that it would have without the newly-built dividing wall. The fact that one can eat and smoke is humorously alluded to on the restaurant's t-shirts, and the "no smoking" sign with the word "no" spray painted over.

Texas Traditions has a Facebook page, and you can call them at 903-844-0416. They are located at 607 E. Broadway Avenue in Gladewater.

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