Lufkin woman helps strengthen others after surviving depression

Lufkin woman helps strengthen others after surviving depression
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Losing family is never easy, especially when it's an immediate family member.

For Abril Wright the death of her mother put her into deep depression she never thought she'd get out of.

"I was at the lowest point of my life emotionally," Wright said.

Two years ago Wright's life was nothing like you see today. The day she lost her mom was the day her world turned dark.

"Basically I wouldn't want to be alive because it hurt so badly," Wright said.

It was a normal day, she called her mom on her way home from work, and then thirty minutes later, while on the phone with her sister, she found out her mother died from cardiovascular disease.

"I was still on the phone but I broke down," Wright said. "I was sad, crying, and I was praying like, lord please don't let my mom be dead."

Her mother's death came as a complete shock because she never knew her mother was sick.

"It was a feeling I've never felt before, Wright said. "It felt like I was broken to my soul, but there was nothing I could do about it."

For a year she turned to other things to try to numb her pain and depression.

"I was just stuck in a deep dark secluded place emotionally," Wright said. "Nobody could tell me anything that could comfort me. Nobody could give me any alcohol that was strong enough to numb the pain. I couldn't smoke any type of drug to try to eliminate the pain or eliminate the thoughts."

However things quickly changed when found a different way to cope.

"I decided to give my life to Christ, and since then I've been peaceful, I've been filled with joy," Wright said. "He's healing me every day."

Today you can find Wright helping others strengthen their minds and bodies while fighting off calories.

"My mother battling cardiovascular disease and dying of it all of a sudden made me want to help impact other people and help prevent them from getting cardiovascular disease," Wright said.

After learning more about cardiovascular disease Wright started helping motivate others to stay healthy.

"Cardiovascular disease goes down 90% by increasing cardio, so I'm very strict on cardio and people living a healthier lifestyle," she said.

Now that Wright has made peace with her mother's death she encourages others to push through their dark times.

"I would say keep your head up, don't lose faith, and stay encouraged because if God brought me out, he could do the same for you," Wright said.

Wright is now the owner of her own health and wellness training program, to help others live a better lifestyle.

If you're interested in Wright's program you can contact her at 936-229-9481.

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