Nacogdoches Nursing Home Closes

Marilyn Eanes, a resident at Pinecrest Nursing Home in Nacogdoches said, "this morning we were told that the state was going to shut this facility down and they had to find us other places to go."

Residents like Marilyn have now moved out of the Pinecrest Nursing Home. Pinecrest owner Mike Drewery shut the place down Wednesday, after he says the state told him they weren't going to fund the nursing home for the month of April because his temporary license expired.

Without that money, Drewery says he couldn't afford to pay his staff, much less take care of everyone living there. So he voluntarily closed the nursing home's doors, sending the residents off to other facilities.

Carla Rickenbacker, another resident at Pinecrest said, "it's very stressful on my situation because I'm a quadriplegic, you know, and it takes toll on your body as well as your heart."

A state official tells us Drewery has an application for a permanent license in the system, meaning Drewery could have kept Pinecrest open until that license was denied. Under that scenario, it's unclear if state funding would have continued.

Drewery says he had to go by what he was being told. Because of the financial uncertainty, he felt closing down the nursing home was his only choice.

The same nursing home was shut down earlier this year because of a staff shortage. That happened back in February after several nurses quit. After hiring new staff the facility re-opened in mid-March.

But Pinecrest had lots of deficiencies that needed to be fixed before they could have received their permanent license.

Below is a list of those problems found on an early March visit.

Pinecrest Deficiencies
March 4, 2005

*Failure to assess skin condition
*Failure to provide safe environment
*Failure to have adequate staff
*failure to provide medication in timely manner
*failure to document medication

Those deficiencies were fixed, and as you can see below, the only problem noted on a visit by state inspectors later in March was paperwork that needed to be completed.

Pinecrest Deficiencies
March 29, 2005

*Failure to conduct Minimum Data Set Assessment
*Failure to transmit MDS Assessment

Owner Mike Drewery says he finished all the necessary paperwork and he says all the deficiencies are now corrected.

Drewery tells us he received a letter Wednesday saying once the deficiencies are taken care of, his license is good to go. But he says because he was told he wouldn't be paid for the month of April, it would have been too costly for him to keep Pinecrest open.

All the residents displaced by Wednesday's closure have been relocated to other nursing home facilities. It's unknown if Drewery will re-open Pinecrest if he receives his license.