East Texas DJs respond to Prince's death, say he defined a generation

East Texas DJs respond to Prince's death, say he defined a generation

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Singer, songwriter, actor, and music icon, Prince, has passed away.  The eclectic artist and risque performer stole the hearts of a diverse audience coming up in the 80's along with music lovers who came along way after his prime. East Texas DJ's said Prince defined a generation.

"A strong spirit transcends rules," said Prince. The incomparable legend offered nothing less than courageous creativity.

"His musical style and genre...you could take the vocals off all his sound and listen to three or four notes without him singing, and you would know immediately it's Prince," said Danny Merrell, brand Manager for Kicks 105.

Be it his distinctive delivery, his dare to be different, or his enigmatic persona, Prince dominated for decades reaching audiences of all ethnicities and ages.

"His music was just great. It filled up a dance floor. I wore out the CD Purple Rain. Everybody in my class did," Merrell said.

"When he got to do what he wanted to do, he released things on his own terms, and I admire him for that," said Dan Patrick, KFOX 95.5 DJ.

"He had a mystery about him. There was a side of him that was like 'Is he really like this in person?" Merrell said.

"They dressed like Prince. They wanted to sound like Prince.  He influenced music all over the place. To say you defined a generation is special," Merrell said.

After an Oscar, seven Grammy's, plus 30 Grammy nominations, it's hard to choose one favorite Prince hit.

"For some reason "1999" stuck out to me. It was really one of the first Prince songs that I got into," Patrick said.

"Gosh! There are so many. 'Purple Rain' is one of the standards, but 'When Doves Cry!'" Merrell said.

We've lost a legend, but with over 100 million records sold, the legend's voice won't fade.

"When he passed away, we lost some magic in the world. There was just something about him," Patrick said.

Officials are still trying to determine an exact cause of death of Prince.

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