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Frustrated NISD parents call for superintendent’s resignation

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

A handful of parents, whose children attend or attended Nacogdoches Independent School District schools, cited various frustrations with their superintendent Dr. Fred Hayes at Thursday night’s NISD school board meeting.

One by one the parents approached the microphone to tell the board why Dr. Hayes should step down as NISD superintendent.

Some points the parents made were the two failed school bonds, and they said the new zoning plan segregates students by their income and skin tone.

Another problem these parents said they have, is that the district does not focus on the outcome of all students.

"My main concern is leadership here at NISD,” Carolyn Cagburn, an NISD parent said.  “It's lacking tremendously, our leadership is not focused on outcomes for children. Until we start doing that type of focus, not the top ten percent, not the bottom ten percent, but all of our children as a whole, we're never going to be successful. I'm a mad mommy who would like to see change and outcomes that are successful for all our children.”

However Hayes disagrees and says the district provides an equal opportunity for all students.

“I think Nacogdoches ISD has an intention to treat all students fairly to get all students an appropriate education,” Hayes said. “To challenge all of our students with the most challenging curriculum we can do. We put the best teachers in front of them and give them the safest environment. You know, I see no basis in the direction we're taking the district at this time.”

Hayes said he does not plan on resigning, and that his door is open for any parent to make an appointment to discuss their concerns.

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